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With its graceful, arching set of leaflets,
Decorative Fern
Elegant and graceful, this perfect plant
Deluxe European Garden Basket
This colorful mix of flowering African
Dendrobium Orchid
This lovely orchid has several delicate
This lovely indoor green plant says
Dish Garden with Pinks
This garden dish filled with delightful
Exotic Bromeliad
Its spectacular bloom resembles a flaming
Ficus Bush
Want to add a beautiful rich green color to
Ficus Tree
Among the most popular green plants today,
Kalanchoe and Ivy Basket
A touching arrangement of plants topped with
Large Basket Garden
This impressive garden of indoor plants will
Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid
A lovely lavender orchid is the perfect
Medium Dish Garden
A lovely array of cheerful plants is just
Medium Spathiphyllum Plant
This easy-to-care for plant with its shiny
Miniature Rose Bush
Give a gift thatís both charming and
Mixed African Violet Basket
This lovely mix of African violets is so
Parlor Palm
This plant enjoys indirect light, making it
Pink Kalanchoe
This hardy plant produces a plethora of
Purple Chrysanthemum
With its large, showy flowers, it's one of
Small Garden Dish
This small dish garden full of beautiful
Teleflora's Bamboo Elegance
Elegant and mysterious, the purple
Teleflora's Grass is Greener Pink Rose Bush
Bring the serenity of the garden into the
Teleflora's Grass is Greener White Azalea
The azalea, one of spring's most enchanting
Teleflora's Spring Showers African Violet
Everyone loves African violets, and this
Teleflora's Spring Showers Pink Rose Bush
Everything's coming up pink roses,
Teleflora's Spring Showers White Azalea
Give the gift of spring to someone special -
Traditional European Garden Basket
This lovely basket with bright fucshia
Vivacious Violets
A little light will keep this African violet
White Phalaenopsis Orchid
This lovely white orchid, also called the
Wishing You Luck
Wish someone the best of luck - send them a
Yellow Oncidium Orchid
This fast-growing orchid with its branching
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